How to flirt and hookup with co-worker safely

Casual sex at work isn’t recommended by the psychologists and experienced people. It often raises the unwanted difficulties, intrigues, even dangers. So how to avoid them in the best way?

  • Choose the trustworthy person. Let’s be clear, not all people are smart and honest enough to trust them. Use the least harmful personal who could be your reliable sex companion.
  • Flirt in person. It’s really preferable that you choose the right moments for your flirtatious moments and day game with a co-worker, to not let the others see that.
  • Troll each other in public. It’s safer to make the others think you’re nearly enemies, so much you argue and joke at each other. Then you’ll hide your real sexual connection.
  • Meet after work. Never ever hookup at work when the team is there, better stay at work late under any excuse and have sex out of cameras. Be careful in that regard.
  • Do not leave any trace. Better not to exchange emails on your office laptop, and have the strong protection codes on your gadgets. Your casual partner should follow this rule too. You can date a woman online for free on bestapp dating now.

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