Women From Ukraine That Come to Eastern Europe Are at High Risk of Exploitation

There is hardly any part of Europe that has experienced as much change in its day to day life as the Ukraine. It has been one of the former parts of the Soviet Union which has most vigorously fought for human rights and freedom. For decades, the people of this region have suffered at the hands of the cruel Russian colonizers. Today the situation has drastically changed with the coming of the independent countries of Ukraine. The influx of thousands of pro-western refugees who have fled the war torn country has dramatically altered the landscape of contemporary Ukraine.

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Not only are the people more liberal but also more educated than their western European counterparts. This means that the Ukraine’s new government has the opportunity to promote a more liberal attitude amongst Ukraine women. Many of the previous governments in the country were inclined towards a restrictive approach to women’s issues and it took several years for these governments to introduce a minimum age for marriage and entered into a centrally controlled welfare system. These were obviously steps in the right direction, however some say that these were too slow. The introduction of the National Planning Agency in 2021 represented a move forwards and now Ukraine has a much more liberal attitude to females than perhaps previously thought.

The attitudes of the Ukrainian women do seem to be changing though and many are now advocates of liberalization both socially and economically. The younger generations are now coming to understand that the family values that they grew up with no longer apply and many have now embraced western European family values. While many would still consider themselves firmly tied to their old cultural norms, these women seem to have abandoned the traditional male role and are seeking happiness in the arms of the western man.

For those who are trafficking women out of the country or through third countries, the women are treated very badly and often live in prostitution. It is very difficult for them to leave the country due to the criminal background that they would have to face. For the Ukrainian women trafficking victims, this does not represent the whole picture however; it is important to understand that there are solutions to ending this terrible scourge called human trafficking.

One of the most effective ways of stopping the trafficking of women and girls out of the Ukraine is to introduce an anti-trafficking law. This would make it a legal requirement for any person, company or organization trying to traffick people that they check is legally able to do so. If this law is implemented in full strength in the Ukraine, it will make it far easier to prosecute those involved in the activities of human trafficking. The authorities should not only go after those involved in the criminal activity, but they should go after the people who supply them with money and the services that they require.

For example in Ukraine it is not legal for any person to hire a woman for prostitution in the country without her having been thoroughly tested for STDs. Human trafficking and the use of condoms in prostitution are also illegal. The authorities in the Ukraine are cracking down on both activities and are prosecuting those involved. Prostitution is legal in the country but it is highly illegal to use condoms in any form inside the country.

The authorities in the ukraine are also working hard to reduce the number of people involved in the activities of prostitution. In fact in 2021 the Ukraine became one of the few countries to legalise brothels. A brothel is a facility provided for the exchange of sex for money. Any person can enter a brothel but those who enter for the purposes of prostitution need to be approved by the police. This is another way that tackling human trafficking reduces the demand for prostitution in the Ukraine

Of course there are many women from Ukraine that come to the east for a better life. The best way to tackle the problem of forced prostitution is to eliminate conditions that encourage it. A legalisation of brothels in the country and the introduction of a licensing system for the brothels themselves would go a long way towards reducing the numbers of young women from Ukraine that are subjected to this practice. This is one of the issues that needs to be discussed at the international level to put in place measures that will eliminate the demand for forced prostitution in the Ukraine.