What you need to tell your woman from Ukraine if you live on a tight budget

lot of women from UkraineWomen and money are dangerous combination. You never know how much they will spend at once or how fast the fortune will disappear. In addition to the standard problems with money and women the Slavic character traits add. People from Ukraine are completely incompetent un the matters of spending money so you have to be even more careful with your girl when she is from ex-USSR countries. How to explain her that she needs to be more careful with money and at the same time not to be involved in a huge fight?

The first step on that occasion is to try to be delicate and start explaining her how money works from day to day. It is a good idea to ask her to make a plan of her wastes because only this way she will notice how much she wastes. For example, you might ask her after every visit to the shop during the month to create a list with all the things she has bought and with prices nearby. Then you can both discuss what is necessary in that statistics and what is not so she will understand better that some things are useless and it is possible to live without it.

Moreover she needs to know how much you earn and pay for your loans. Sometimes women do not consider that for credits their husbands have to pay every month so even if he has a 2 thousand euro salary it does not mean that all that money might be wasted. If you show her that utilities cost that much, house rent costs some more additional money then she will see that there are only 500 euro for everything rest. It will be a good reason for her to think about the budget so maybe she will be helpful in economy of fortune because the main waste of the rest part of the money is food. However she is the one who cooks so it is up to her to decide how to make the dishes cheaper and at the same time delicious.

People from Ukraine

Sometimes women spend the money simply because they are unaware of the issue that it is not endless. It is for real that girls forget quite often that the fortune is limited so they waste it till their credit card will deny their requests for cash. That is why the best way for both of you is to hold the conversation about these issues. It might be a little awkward for her but it is necessary. A lot of women from Ukraine are adequate housewives and they will understand that economy is important for the merry future of the family however quite often guys do not say them about the situation with finance so they keep on spending. So the easiest way is a dialogue with her and probably it will solve that money puzzle.

If talks do not help at all the last thing you can do about it is to go with her to the psychologist. There are some people who cannot stop doing something without the help of specialist. Of course she will be against that procedure but you have to persuade her that it is necessary. One more option is to talk about those money problems with her family or friends who can somehow influence her behavior. She might not listen to her husband but if he cooperates with her relatives and buddies she will have to admit that there is a problem and it has to be solved somehow.

lot of women from Ukraine

All in all, it is very hard to explain your girl that money is needed to be saved. Usually girls do not consider the limits and spend everything at once without thinking about the future of the family. Sometimes a good conversation might be very helpful however not all of the ladies are very understanding so it will take some time until they start understanding the situation completely.

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