What is casual hookup: the most important things to know

Modern singles are open-minded enough to get the concept of no strings attached relationships and to practice it on a daily basis. But casual hookups involve even fewer duties.

It usually means a one-night-stand or even a one-hour-stand, mostly with a stranger. One doesn’t leave his contacts after and can meet anonymously without telling his real name.

Casual hookuping requires a certain training, since one should improve his pickup skills to get new partners easily. Then, the process of intimacy differs from the long-term romantic affairs.

In casual sex, participants certainly show mutual care, but it should be combined with the wild instincts. That’s what people seek in hookups, in the first hand. They want to fulfil their desires.

Spontaneity is also combined with thorough planning in this kind of intimate communication. Being spontaneous is exciting, but we need to know the dos and don’ts of hookups, the must-have list.

Casual approach in sex is actually the utmost respect we can show towards enough person, since we let them be themselves and guarantee to never cross the line or invade their personal space.

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