Ukraine, a country with the “Only Child Syndrome”, how it can affect you and your woman family and sex life

partner from UkraineThere are a lot of families in Ukraine where there are not many children. Usually parents give a birth only to one kid because it is much easier to bring him or her up and to make him or her happier in the harsh realities of the modern economics. Unfortunately that influences kids not always in a good way. What to expect from the woman from Ukraine who has been brought up as the only child and will t somehow affect her way of thinking?

The only child syndrome might affect her differently. In the first case the huge amount of love from her parents will make her desire more and more attention so if her boyfriend goes somewhere else for a work trip it might lead to serious problems in the relationships. She is not ready to be on her own for much time so she will demand her boyfriend be always nearby. If he does not agree with that it is probable that the couple will split up. On the other hand if you want your girlfriend always to wish you being with her that is the best of options. On the other hand it is a great stress for a man who needs some time on his own because even leaving her for a couple of days might seriously disappoint her.

Also that syndrome has a bad influence on the sexual life of you and your partner from Ukraine. She gets accustomed to have everything from life without giving something back so sex has to satisfy her and it does not matter what her partners wants. She ignores all his offers how to make him happier about bed issues because if it is not about her it is not interesting at all. That is why it is impossible to have sex with her when she is not in a mood and it will happen quite often. On the other hand you have no way to reject her because she must get what she wants whenever she wants without considering her boyfriend hard day at work or other stuff.

On the other hand there are plenty of girls who have not much love in their life because they have not had brothers and sisters and at the same time their parents have been always at work. These women are independent however they are looking for someone who might breach their defense and the one whom they can trust. It might be incredibly hard to be with them first months of dating but later when they will reveal all their secrets they will rely on you so if you will have to care about them because if you do not they might again build a protection from the outer world and barely will be there someone who is capable of undoing that.

The sexual aspect of the relationships with them will be the same as the one described before. At first they will be rather independent in that matters and you will not meet her allowance for many things offered by you. Everything is traditional. However as soon as she starts trusting you she will want something more and it will open a great option for the experiments. You can do in bed whatever you want and she will be definitely pleased because she wants be not only satisfied but also give pleasures to her partner whom she believes.

All in all, the only child syndrome might influence the girl’s behavior differently. It depends how she has been brought up and what background she has. If her childhood has not been easy than it is hard to make her believe in something good but if you do then you will be definitely merry with her. On the other hand if she has had everything in the childhood then it is more difficult to surprise her and moreover she will demand the constant attention and if she does not get it that might ruin everything you have built before.

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