Three major reasons why foreign-Ukrainian marriage fail

Ukrainian marriageSometimes the first impression is so strong that people see nothing except for it. However sooner or later they will understand that the person who they live with it is not the same they have fallen in love with. So the marriage splits up. Even more difficult the situation is between Ukrainian girls and foreigners because it adds only some new factors in the relationships that might influence badly family life.

Quite often the families split only because the partners cannot share financial responsibilities. There are a lot of girls who are ready to spend all the fortune buying claptrap but for the important things they leave nothing at all. It is very hard for a man to see how she spends everything that he has earned all the time after the salary. That is why it leads to the constant fights that cannot be stopped due to her ignorance. One more way is when the money has been her aim from the beginning and sooner or later she will be exposed. It is hard to understand her bad intentions from the beginning especially because you two belong to two different cultures but after some time in marriage it will be possible to get what it is what really about.

One more thing that might ruin your family life is cultural differences. She might not be ready for a life in Europe or the USA because in Ukraine people behave slightly different. Sometimes it is very hard to accept habits of the people around and it is especially hard when a girlfriend is not well educated person. Usually such people have more problems with accommodation so you would better be prepared for such occasions and it is important to notice her intellectual abilities from the beginning because later they might create a lot of problems. It is also painful for a family life when she does not feel a new country as her home or understands that she is there only because of her boyfriend. She stars understanding the situation as she is a victim of that love so her bad attitude begins poisoning the relationships.


Sexual aspect of the relationships is the most influential one. If you cannot satisfy your partner then sooner or later she will start looking for someone around probably even without any bad intentions. However if she has an opportunity to cheat, she will do that so it is always important to listen to her wishes carefully. The girls quite often tell the boys that they are not glad in what you are doing in bed and it is not a reason to be abused but it is a sign that you need to change your performance or she will abandon you. Of course there are some problems sometimes and the girl can wait for the solution of it but she cannot wait forever especially if she is much younger than you are.

It is important to work hard at the relationships during the whole period of marriage. Only this way it will work out and you both will get only happiness. Otherwise if you do not listen to her or if she does not care about your interests then it is better for both of you to split up because this painful time together is a waste that you cannot allow because we have only one life and it is pity to spend it with someone you do not belong to.

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