Meeting Single Women Online

Meeting Single Women OnlineThere are thousands of women online, so it’s not very hard to come across women to date these days, but how do you get them to agree to meet you for a date? You need to get them interested in you and approaching a woman online is slightly different from approaching them offline, so let’s provide you with some tips!

First of all, remember that your profile is the first impression you give and what will likely determine, together with the first message, if someone will engage in a conversation with you. Therefore, write a profile that shows off what you love in life (people like positivity and passion) and who you are, but keep it short enough to digest. Avoid plain statements like “I love staying home with Netflix, but I also like going out for a glass of wine.” That statement applies to a lot of people. Add personality too it. For example, joke about loving to be a couch potato when it comes to Netflix, or mention what movies you love.

Include photos that back up the writing; photos that show off you doing what you love in life.

Secondly, be honest. Otherwise all you’ll get is the one date. No one likes showing up and realizing they’re meeting someone other than they thought they were meeting. Even if it’s minor lies and the person might not find you all that different, it means you’ll lose someone’s trust day one. Not a good thing.

Thirdly, about that first message… You need to send a message, not a wink. A wink is like saying you didn’t care enough to write the message.

In the message show you read their profile – ask a question about it, or compliment them on something related to their profile. Women like to be appreciated for their personality, not just their looks.

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Keep the message short – tell them you liked their profile, are curious to find out more and ask a question. Maybe show them you connected with something in their profile, perhaps that you both love traveling. And whilst a sense of humor is good, avoid sarcasm as it’s often mistaken for negativity before someone gets to know you.

You can compliment them on something and flirt, but don’t come on too strong and avoid any sexual references.

Once you get chatting, ask interesting and fun questions. Whilst “how was your day” is sometimes appropriate, you have to ask some more offbeat questions to make the conversation worth having! And keep challenging, teasing and flirting! Offer compliments too, but don’t overdo it – remember you don’t really know them yet.

Lastly, to get to meet single women you have to ask them out. Once you’ve exchanged a couple of messages, suggest you meet for a quick cup of coffee as it’s easier getting a feel for if you have chemistry in real life. And really do keep it to a short coffee, where you have somewhere to be afterwards. It will remove the pressure.

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