Lonely American men prefer Ukrainian women

men prefer Ukrainian women‘Ukrainian brides’ became the number one foreigners’ request in the search engines queries associated with Ukraine. And if the Europeans and Asians often demonstrate ordinary curiosity, the Americans are typing ‘Ukrainian brides’ not just to see pictures of charming beauties, but to find a wife.

There are many reasons that force American men to look for a life partner among foreigners. The most important one is probably emancipation. Actually, the refusal of the majority of inhabitants of the United States and Europe to play the traditional women role s in general, inside of the family in particular. Men who do not dream about the leadership competition till the death, all they want – a natural harmony in a life; this is the reason why do they pay attention to the third world countries. There are many women who still willing to become wives and mothers, and do not run or operate satellites by corporations. Anyway, why are the ‘brides’ from Eastern Europe countries so in demand?

Everything is simple: behavior and classical concepts about the family, making unsophisticated Ukrainian woman an ‘object for hunting’ by American men. The desire to get a Ukrainian girl with terrific beauty and the ability to cook delicious food only adds a fuel to the fire.

desire to get a Ukrainian girl

A very interesting statistics on the cost of Ukrainian wives for American men was provided by one of Kiev marriage agencies. Men spend just a very small amount of their money for on-line dating services compare to the fiancee visa, permanent resident card and/or citizenship expenses. These costs are not affordable for everyone, so the US Immigration Service requires that the annual income of an American gentleman who would like to create an international family at least would earn in two times more than the financial minimum in the State where he resides. However, despite the unfavorable statistics of divorces and high financial costs, the image of Slav with blond hair and blue eyes continues to attract American men like moths to light. ‘Some American men register on the dating websites and pay for the fun time when they can come and try something new, sometimes exotic, plunge into the world of passion, – according to the employees of the dating agencies. A gentleman created a profile, met online with a lady or with several ladies, spent with her/them some time and disappeared, it is something like sex tourism ‘.

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