How to avoid being fooled by the Ukraine dating agency

about hot Ukrainian womenThere are already myths and legends about hot Ukrainian women and Ukraine mail order wives. But what’s the truth and how to find one?

First of all, you should know that all paid sites (membership-based sites and pay-per-letter sites) are filled and ruled with dating agencies. Ukraine dating agency can be good and effective but mostly those are just money machines. So what tricks do they use and how to avoid being fooled?

  1. The most prosperous agencies accept only top-models to their database. They make a deal with a girl that they “rotate” her profile, like a hit on the radio, and she’ll be cherry-picking when a man sends her gifts or comes to visit her. The Ukrainian top-models rarely look for a husband online, they have enough “business connections” to do that by themselves. So the two parts just agree to share the profit from the beginning and try to fool you with the most glamorous and professional photos. How to avoid that: contact only the girls who look natural and have casual photos in their profiles. Ukraine most beautiful woman can appear to be a doctor or a teacher, not a model.
  2. The letters are rarely written by the girls. It’s interpreters’ job. Normal Ukrainian girls are too busy with work and bad girls are too busy with their local boyfriends. It also can be explained from the commercial point of view: the girl may not be interested in 80 y.o. fellows or in black men, but the agency is indeed interested in a few extra bucks. On another hand, some men are very rude and vulgar so the girl would quickly be discouraged to keep on searching. The agency filters these negative impressions and tells a girl only about serious-minded men. But you definitely don’t want to be fooled with fake letters. How to avoid that: use only free dating sites like Mamba or membership-based sites, ask the girl very personal questions and keep in mind to check whether her answers were real when you visit her.
  3. Video-chats can be a trick as well. Of course, in any case they prove the girl is real and she gave her permission to use her data on a dating site. But she’s rarely online in real time, it can be a pre-recorded video that is used many times. No one wants to be fooled like that. How to avoid that: ask a girl to make some unusual movement or action. It can be showing three fingers or a piece of paper with the recent data. If she does that, congratulations: you’re talking in real time, with the real Ukrainian girl.Ukraine most beautiful woman
  4. A girl often suggests or even demands that your first meeting is held with the 3rd party: a professional interpreter. It’s not always a trick. Understand that while you are a stranger to her, she feels safer in another girl’s presence like it’s a friendly meeting. As to an interpreter’s fees, it’s a kind of testing whether you are financially stable enough for creating a family. A visa process and many other bureaucratic things are ahead and they are more costly than an interpreter, so a girl wants to see your readiness to make further steps. Even if you know some Russian, Ukrainians mostly speak Ukrainian which is closer to Polish, and translating software is not an option as it results in ridiculous sentences. But you may have your own reasons to be against the interpreter’s presence on your date. How to avoid that: do not waste your time on beginners and correspond only with the girls who openly declare they speak good English.
  5. Sending gifts online isn’t always a trick either. It’s a romantic and reliable way to surprise your Ukrainian bride. But Ukraine dating agency can use this option just for enriching themselves and making more business deals with the models. How to avoid that: ask a girl about her postal address when she already trusts you enough, and ship her the gifts or order the flowers delivery in her a Ukrainian beauty

As you can see, there are smart ways to date a Ukrainian beauty. Ukraine mail order wives aren’t a myth, Southern Slavic girls really start broadening their horizons for moving abroad and building an international family. So there’s less scam than decades ago when Ukrainian women still remained conservative. Just follow the tips above and you’ll find your Ms. Right in Ukraine.

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