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Kherson marriage agencyEach of us has at least once a life had to attend the social events, dinners, corporate parties or just visiting unfamiliar people, in short, in the place where it is impossible, at least in the first few hours, to relax and be fully yourself. At such moments, you have to smile, say yes, toasts, listen and tell jokes, talk with others on a variety of topics – in general have the ability to maintain a relaxed small talk. For some, maybe it is not too difficult and even somewhat enjoyable, but for someone it is a heavy responsibility. It is only in the campaign of old friends, where everyone knows each other for many years, can behave in a natural way. In the new company we want to present ourselves in a good light. But what about the first date? When you have never meet person in real life, but have to talk with him/her?

I would like to present you one very interesting story. I met my future wife at in July 2013. Since then we have managed to get married! Kherson marriage agency has a very good system for selecting candidates. Actually I didn’t believe in it, but fortunately I was mistaken.
I was interested in the identity of our professional interests, and I wrote her a message. Soon I received a reply. Later, we started communicating via e-mail, and later – on the phone. But it came time for the first date. We found in common many of our attitudes to life, and in addition, we liked each other.

She is a linguist. I am a former physicist, but for many years I am engaged in the issues of literary. I recently published a book “The Poet in the war. Nikolay Gumilyov. 1914-1918.”. The book received the award named after Alexander Blok (no cash – a diploma and a medal). On this basis we met. Later we went to the linguistic conference in Belgium together.

But let’s come back to the question of our first date. Actually I did not know how to behave in such situation? But marriage agency shared with me some tricks which helped me overcome the problem of adaptation during the first date.

Kherson marriage agency

1. Going to first date, or any other social event, pre-configure you to meet new people. Learn how to enjoy them, reasoning: every acquaintance bring some benefit and experience. Just look at the new person as he/she is your old friend you have not seen for a long time and now suddenly meet.

2. So how to start a dialogue and what to talk about with this person? The answer is really simple, you can talk about everything you and what you like, things that first come to mind, except, of course, a variety of complaints, jokes on the verge of a foul, and other controversial topics. Try to be original, bunt don’t look stupid. It is better to get some banal conversation about the weather, traffic jams, etc. and listen to your interlocutor. It will be enough to start small talk.

3. Developing further conversation, follow a correct statement of your questions, sometimes even the simplest question may confuse interlocutor. It would be better to formulate the question in neutral way: “What do you do?”, “What are your hobbies?”. In this way you leave the other person the opportunity of improvisation.

4. After small talk try to find common ground. Gently palpate the topics that are interesting for your new friend and turn the conversation to the one in which you are good. Try to talk about what you’re really interested in. It is important your speech to be emotional, your interlocutor will be much more interested in communication with a concerned man. Maybe a miracle will happen, and your interests coincide in at least in one direction. But do not get carried away when you see that your topic is not particularly interesting to your friend. In this case change the subject, ask the other party open-ended question that requires a detailed answer.

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