Find out how you can unknowingly destroy your relationship with little or no action at all, and how to avoid it

Ukrainian girlsThe inner world of a woman is such a mess that no one is possible to get something out of there without damage. That is why sometimes you cannot understand what is wrong but she is already packing her things and saying you to go to hell. It is quite often happening due to lack of attention towards her but still a couple of words cannot destroy the relationships that have lasted for 2-3 years. Or could they?

It is important to understand that all the relationships demand constant progress because in the minute when you stop caring about them much she will become being sad and abused. It might seem to you that this is something not connected with you but if it is not then it is very easy to make her smile again. However if she does not want to talk with you about that problem then it definitely means it is connected somehow with you. That is why it is high time to analyze what you might have done wrong and to try to fix it.

Usually the problem is that her boyfriend does not listen to her at all in the last days. She might say you some facts about the animals and if you forget about that not important information but later will hear it from someone else and repeat it to her it will be scandal. It seems to be weird because she might simply say that she has told it to you already and that is it but girls do that. It is not that reasonable because you might keep in mind all the important dates of your relationships remember the birthday of all her friends and know many stories about her childhood but if you forget something not important at all it still creates a lot pain in the ass. That is why it is better telling her only those things that you are sure she cannot tell it to you.

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One more thing that bothers Ukrainian girls is that you omit visiting to her parents. You might say couple of times that you are too busy at work but if you do it all the time she will estimate it as a sign of disrespect towards her family and she will make a scandal. After if you do not get why all of this happening it might lead to break up so again it is necessary to analyze your behavior for the last weeks and to understand what might provoke your girlfriend on a scandal.

The girls hate when their boyfriends work too much. They think that it should be always some time to relax from job so never take your laptop with you when you decide to go with her on vacation. It will spoil her mood faster than even cheating on her because she wants you to be close to her but not to the job. That is why it is vital for healthy relationships to separate family life and work. Of course she will support you when there is a small period of hard work but if you are so dedicated to your company and you do not notice your girlfriend you might find out one day that she has packed her stuff and walked away.

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All the girls want to be the central part of the life of their boyfriends. It is hard for them to be the second important thing in a man’s life after job or hobby. You might not notice how she collects her anger from day to day and that is why you are surprised when she is packing her things. However nothing happens without a reason so every guy should pay attention to what his woman thinks about the relationships and if she is not satisfied with the present situation then he has to change her mood somehow.

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