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marriage woman from UkraineIt is true that how many countries that many traditions and cultures. Even in the one state there are might be absolutely different wedding rituals so a guy who wants to have marriage with the girl from Ukraine has to be prepared for some unexpected and unknown things. Of course the modern world leaves not much space for the traditional weddings however still there are some interesting facts that might puzzle the unready person.

There are still a lot of the people in Ukraine who want that old tradition to be held. That is why if you made already a proposal to your woman then you have to be ready for the Ukrainian wedding. It includes buying your fiancée and a huge party. Of course right after proposal you have to visit her parents and tell them about what has happened. Usually there are no any problems with it because the majority of them know about the potential groom before that proposal. However as a part of tradition there might be a conversation between you and her father or brother. It is not something special at all; it is a kind of approval of the marriage and blessing for the future.

On the other hand the wedding questions might not happen at all if the proposal is done somehow wrong. You have to be quite delicate about it and time and place is very important for the Ukrainian ladies. However there are a lot of cases when guys make proposals right after the doors of the supermarket and the girls still accept it but it is not romantic at all so there should be something else.

ready for the Ukrainian wedding
It is a dream of every girl in Ukraine to have a proposal in Paris. There is even such a saying in their language as ‘to see Paris and to die right after’. That is the most romantic place for the ladies from Ukraine so if you have an opportunity to make it possible than it is exceptional. She will never reject such a proposal. On the other hand the Ukrainian girl would love to become a fiancée even in more trivial places. So a good restaurant might be a good option too.

It is true to live that all the Ukrainian girls watch Hollywood movies and especially romantic comedies. That is why they would love to have something alike in their life too. So if you have no idea how to make that moment unforgettable then you can watch a dozen of such pictures and choose something that is affordable and not hard to be realized. There are so many plots about marriage in the movies so it barely will be hard to find something appropriate. It is even better idea to realize something from the picture that she loves. It will be a miraculous proposal and it will be definitely the best way to start a happy family life.

Ukrainian wedding traditions

All in all, the Ukrainian wedding traditions are significantly different from European ones but today the era of globalization is so all the girls from Eastern Europe want to have something like it is shown on the TV. That is why you do not need to think too much how to make the proposal unforgettable – you simply need to watch some Hollywood movies and realize the ideas from it. She will be definitely happy about that. On the other hand you can always make a trip to Paris with her where all the romantic stories become eternal.

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