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Dating Ukrainian womenUkrainian women are special creature, who can charm any man in the world. Dating Ukrainian women is not an easy task, and one should do all his best in order to win girl’s heart.

The conquest of the lady of the heart is a dilemma, which should be solved by the stronger sex from childhood. There is no panacea to attract the attention, but still a couple of tips on how to conquer a girl for beginners Romeo can be offered, and all of them you can find at

More pressure! If the girl replied to you with a refusal, do not rush to tear the hair on your head, but just wait. The perfect sex enjoys the very process of conquering them. The more original this process will take place, the faster the heart of your chosen one will be at your disposal. Flowers, candies, songs and poems are wonderful, but trivial. Surprise the girl, and she will not deprive you of her attention.

The original approach. Show the girl how unusual and extraordinary you are. Do you dance well? Do you grow rare plants? Do you have a good voice and ability to play music? Unobtrusively show this to your lady, – non-standard and unexpected always face the man.

Keep your word. Never refuse to do what you promised or planned with the girl. Did you mention that it is not difficult for you to get wild flowers in winter? Well, then, take the time to demonstrate your capabilities. Have invited her to dinner, and friends called you to watch football and drink beer? Don’t you dare to cancel the planned dinner, otherwise the lady will not forgive that. Of course, the girls are not spiteful harpy and will not gouge your eyes for a forgotten chocolate. But it is not worth to forget about the promised event or gift.

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Have fun and tell jokes. Girls appreciate men’s intelligence and sense of humor. Well, who can stand before a man who can reasonably assess the situation and make the lady smile? The main thing is that it is not needed to be clowns who laugh at everything. It’s important to know where there is no place for jokes and humor.

Money. Girls can not stand miserly men. Do not be greedy if you try to attract the girl’s attention. At the same time, distinguish between reasonable generosity and excessive unnecessary waste. Expensive jewelry and restaurants are not suitable to conquer a girl (it is a normal girl, not a “hunter in the purse”).

Truth and nothing but truth. 99% of girls have pathological allergies to lies, and more than half of the fair sex representatives from this number are in the habit of not forgiving lies and insincerity. So, if you cherish the attention of your sweetheart, think several times before you lie to the lady of your heart.


Appearance. Watch for yourself, for the girl appearance of the guy with whom she meets is very important. And if nature has not endowed you with a Hollywood smile, a height of two meters and the appearance of Johnny Depp, then try, as a minimum, to be as neat as possible. Pure linen, socks, teeth, the smell of deodorant and scented water – this program is minimum in the daily toilet of the man.

More sex, different and diverse. Since to win a girl is still half of the battle, and keeping her after is more difficult, pay more attention to the intimate side of your relationship. There is an opinion that for harmonious relations, it is important that the views of men and women coincide in three spheres: politics, food and sex. If you did not have enough experience to become a professional in the sexual sphere, study literature, special training films, gently discuss these issues with the girl. If your partner will have fun, then your efforts are not in vain.

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